To All Stockholders if ICMC you may claim your letters and notice of annual stockholders meeting at the Executive office starting August 03,2019 from 8:00 am to 12:00 nn then at August 05 - 08,2019 from 8:00am to 5:00 pm.





(As per Board Resolution dated July 17, 2019)

  1. Date of Stockholders meeting is on August 22, 2019
  2. Nomination for the director position shall be submitted on or before 5 p.m. of August 12, 2019 to the Corporate Secretary at the Administration Office. Nomination forms shall be available at the Administration Office. Any stockholder may nominate 15 stockholders for the director position.
  3. The Corporate Secretary shall prepare the list of candidates for director position and the same shall be announced and posted in conspicuous places in the ICMC.
  4. Notice of Meeting will be sent by the Secretary by personal delivery or by mail at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the meeting. More particularly, the Corporate Secretary will send the said notice on or before August 8, 2019.
  5. The Notice of Meeting will be sent along with the Proxy Form, Nomination Form and this Guidelines and Procedures.
  6. The stock and transfer book shall be closed for 10 working days before the August 22, 2019 Stockholders Meeting or starting August 7, 2019.
  7. All accomplished proxy forms should be duly signed by the stockholder. The accomplished proxy form shall be accompanied by a photocopy of a valid ID with specimen signature of the stockholder written beside the image of the ID. Both the accomplished proxy form and photocopy of valid ID (with signature) shall be submitted to the Corporate Secretary (at the Administration Office) on or before 5 p.m. of August 20, 2019. Thereafter, no proxy form shall be accepted. For proxy authorization, the stockholder shall indicate his/her e-mail address and contact numbers for verification.
  8. Proxies may be revoked by the submission of written revocation instrument on or before 5 p.m. of August 20, 2019 or by the physical presence of the stockholder during the actual meeting.
  9. The Board of Directors hereby created the Election Committee (ELECOM) which shall be composed of the following:

Chair – Corporate Secretary

Vice Chair – Head of the Accounting Department


2 Representatives from the Accounting Department

2 Representatives from the Marketing Department

1 Representative from the HR Department

  1. The ELECOM shall prepare the final list of stockholders qualified to vote on August 21, 2019. The list shall indicate the name of the stockholders and their respective proxy/ies if there is any and shall be posted in the ICMC Bulletin Board or made available at the Administration Office.
  2. Only those indicated in the list of qualified voters shall be allowed to vote during the election.
  3. Election of directors shall be conducted on August 22, 2019. The casting of votes will be conducted between 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. At exactly 4 p.m., the casting of votes will not be allowed but the stockholders present on the polling room on or before 4 p.m. shall be allowed to cast their vote.
  4. Each stockholder shall vote on the number of shares of stocks owned or represented.
  5. The ELECOM shall be responsible in the conduct of the casting of votes and tabulation. The ELECOM shall start tabulating their votes immediately after the closing of the voting at 4 p.m. or after the last stockholder present on or before that time has cast his/her vote.
  6. Immediately after the tabulation, the ELECOM shall announce the total number of votes cast and will declare the elected Directors.
  7. In case of a tie in the 15th ranked director position, the tie will be resolved by a special meeting of the Stockholders called for the purpose.